NFPA 921 & 1033 Origin & Cause reports in minutes (not hours).

Report writing. Case management. Unit management.
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Fire Investigation
Case Management Software

Blazestack is the fully-featured fire investigation case management platform that arson and fire investigators rely on to log, document and report fire investigations.
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Trusted by Public & Private Fire Investigator Teams

Streamline Your Department's
Fire Scene Investigation Process

Whether you're a big state agency, a small local fire department or somewhere in between, our software is here to help create more thorough fire scene investigation (NFPA 921® compliant) and generate reports faster, saving you time and money.

On Site Data Collection

Blazestack allows you to collect, store & verify fire scene data in a secure cloud based, feature rich, case management system accessible from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

This standardizes your department's processes across investigators.


Collaboration, Sharing and Assigning of Roles

Managers will be able to access and share each investigator's ongoing case for review and to determine the direction for each individual case.

Case collaboration allows you to process each case faster and eliminate extra work.


Automated Report Generation

Once all the data is in, you'll be able to automatically generate multiple types of reports including: 

Origin & Cause Report
Summary Report
Scene Examination Report
K9 Deployment Report

All the Features Fire Investigators Need

Fire Scene
Data Logging Workflow

Easily document and log all scene data including scene photographs in one secure place using a smartphone or tablet.

Assign multiple investigators to same case for faster data collection and case resolution.
"Blaze Stack is a budget friendly addition to any department and should be added as the go-to for their Fire Investigations program. It is easy, efficient, and customizable all for a great price!"
-Lt. Michael Jones, IAAI-CFI, Lubbock Fire Marshal’s Office
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Origin & Cause
‍Report Generation

One-click generation of professional and attractive reports as Word documents and PDFs.

All reports are NFPA® 921 compliant.
"Blaze Stack provides consistency in fire investigations and customizable reports that follow NFPA 921 & 1033.  With their high level of customer service, Blaze Stack has exceeded all of our expectations for years."
-Investigator Mark Mertens, IAAI CFI, Grapevine Fire Department
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Instant Summary Reports

Come prepared for cross-examination with one-click summary “court notes” creation.
"Blaze Stack customer service is unbeatable! Whenever there is a question, login issue, or a change request to be done, their support team is always available for a quick fix or answer any questions."
-Captain Bert Scott, NAFI CFEI, Longview Fire Department
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Arrest Logs

Log arrests securely, quickly and accurately without duplication of data or effort.
"Blaze Stack has made fire scene writing a breeze! Their format to input information makes it a fast and easy process and has saved us countless hours on report writing."
-Fire Marshal, Polk County
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Questions? We got answers.

Scene Examination Notes

Instant scene examination notes based on already logged fire scene data. No need to re-write existing reports or data.
"Great product!!! Blaze Stack is a must-have for fire investigations.  Blaze Stack customer service is excellent, and they're always willing to make Blaze Stack product fit for how you operate as an organization."
-Assistant Fire Chief, Lake Travis Fire Rescue
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Fire Incident Statistics

See and share patterns based on actual collected fire incidence data.

K9 Deployment & Record Keeping

Log K-9 deployments and generate K9 reports, whether at fire scenes or training days.
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Multiple investigators can enter and edit data simultaneously.
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No IT needed

Prioritize and plan out your time based on shifting business needs.
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Record and capture fire scene data on mobile devices right on scene.

Blazestack Improves Department Efficiency by Over 62%

With Blazestack Fire Investigation Software

Software helps you finish reports faster and more accurately. Makes for easy collaboration and review. Know exactly the state of all your cases at any moment in time.  Keep your FIU on the same page.

Automatically supports NFPA 921, 1033 & 1321
Instantly pulls weather and VIN information
Transcribes and summarizes witness statement audio and video files
One place to upload and store all case media and data
ADA compliant!
Easy Evidence Retention Schedule and Chain of Custody
Automatic photo log creator is fast and easy
Online Collaboration and Review
Designed for desktops, mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops

Manual Template Processes

Every report comes out different and takes a long time. Investigators are tasked with boring and tedious tasks when they should be figuring out the pieces of the fire puzzle. Much harder to manage your team.

Are your templates up to date?
Visit weather website, search for data, manually pull VIN info
Listen to hours of audio and type it yourself
Case media and data spread across many places
ADA compliant?
Manual error-prone process
Adding photos is an irritating time-consuming process
Endless emailing back and forth
Designed for desktops only

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